Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 1)

This short adventure for the Dying Earth RPG originally appeared on DyingEarth.com in August 2004.

by Steve Dempsey

Amaranth is tall and willowy with a girlish bob of black hair. Her features are attractive but quite sharp. Her eyes are gray. She wears outmoded fashion from Aeons ago, a green military jacket with lapels and medals that jangle, purple trousers and riding boots of fine leather. She carries a shoulder bag in which she keeps all her worldly goods, a few terces, a shell she found, a small Bakelite statue of a bearlike creature that she found on the banks of the Scaum, a thin sheet of metallic material under which she sleeps, and some leaves of the bodo-bush. One of these will feed a person for a day but stains the mouth bright red.

Amaranth has approached the PCs as she needs their help. She knows of a manse…

Download Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 1)

Wiping the Slate Clean (Part 2) is here.

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