The Yellow King RPG FAQ

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Q: Why is it harder to do an (other) challenge against a tough opponent than a weak opponent?

A: The difficulties highlighted follow narrative conventions by rewarding players for dealing head-on with weaker opponents and finding unconventional ways to overcome stronger ones. These expectations vary by sequence, some of which encourage victory by fighting more than others. The logic is of genre and sub-genre convention rather than simulation.

Q: What happens when the investigators choose to flee from something that wants to kill them and then fail?

A: They either get away but are harmed in the process, receiving an Injury card, or are stuck in a situation they must find some non-Fighting way out of (the creature drags them back to its lair for later snacking, they get away from the monster but are stuck in a subterranean cavern, they are rescued by the revanchists, who then take them prisoner…)

Q: Why don’t Aftermath and This is Normal Now have General Kits?

A: The kits don’t lend themselves as well to those settings, especially TINN. It was also though that players know the score by the third and fourth sequences and will want to build from scratch by that point. You can find some quick General Kits for Aftermath and This is Normal Now here

Q: I’m having trouble reading the handwritten notes in Absinthe in Carcosa, do you have a typed copy of these?

A: Please contact for a copy.

Q: Why do the Shock and Injury decks not include all of the cards?

A: The decks provide a highlight set of frequently occurring cards. This limit allows us to meet the size limitations of a print-on-demand card set.

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