Prophet of the Pyre

There’s always a dragon.

Maybe it’s down there in the darkness of the dungeon, last and greatest of the monsters. Its long sinuous body coiled around a bed of stolen treasure, it slumbers, waiting for some doomed fools to make their way down past the upper levels, waiting for the final battle to come.
Maybe it’s up there, soaring in the celestial realms, a spirit of fire and sorcery made flesh and bone and scale. Blazing across the skies like a living comet, lighting up the world with terror and wonder.
Maybe the dragon’s a sigil emblazoned on a shield or banner, a carved prow on a warship, a heraldic symbol, a metaphor, a title. This is the Dragon Empire after all, its authority born in dragon-fire.
Maybe the dragon is amongst us. They can take mortal form, it’s said, hiding their wings and tails and scales behind the veil of illusion.
There’s always a dragon.
Why, what else would you call a rampaging force of nature, an invincible killing machine that burns and slaughters to obtain a pile of treasure?
Oh, yes, that’s the other word.

A 10-level campaign by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan for 13th Age, taking heroes from lowly adventurers exploring their first dungeon to epic heroes fighting the turning of the Age.

Status: In development

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