GMs Day sale – 50% off PDFs, and 50% to Ukraine

Today, March 4th, is GMs Day, where we celebrate that most important of RPG superstars – the GM. Steadfastly supporting gamers everywhere by researching and sourcing new games, learning the rules, and running them, GMs are the driving force behind everything we do.

To show our appreciation, for the next week GMs can get 50% off all PDFs in our webstore by using the voucher code GMsDay2022.

While this should be a day of celebration as we recognise the contribution of our wonderful GMs to the roleplaying hobby, the Ukrainian people are facing a humanitarian crisis. We are shocked and horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and we want to do something to help the Ukrainians as they defend their home.

Buy a discounted PDF in the GM’s Day sale – or anything else from our webstore – between Friday, March 4th and Friday, March 11th, and we’ll donate 50% of the MSRP to the International Red Cross’s hypothecated fund for Ukraine.

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