Fey Queen’s Holinesses

by Jay Godden, edited by Isaac Rolfe and Rob Heinsoo, art by Aaron McConnell/Lee Moyer

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The many pantheons of nymphs, spirits, gods and fey worshipped in the Elf Queen’s woods are varied, capricious, and undocumented, least by the elves themselves. They have no formal priesthood, and not even the Priestess can hear the voices of some of the beings the elves call gods. Even so, the elves recognise the spiritual authority of Holy Stalkers; priests of the arrow, clerics of the woodland gods, a very loosely connected group of nomadic clergy, experts of the bow and ancient rites.

These items are intended for use with Clerics, Paladins, Druids, as well as others with access abilities from those classes, such as Ranger Ex Cathedral Rangers. They facilitate, through the Bow of Prayer, a ranged/caster playstyle for these classes, and the more items collected, the more skillful a holy archer the PC will become. There’s no need for these items to be linked to the elves, that’s just a fantasy convention. These could be clerics of a god of hunting, gnome tree burrow spell snipers, or represent only one or two unique warriors, whatever fits in your Dragon Empire.

Set Bonus: If you are not already, you become proficient with shortbows. You craft X Remedial Arrows each full heal up that last until your next full heal up.


Remedial Arrow

Magical Ammunition, +1 crit range, single use

When you hit an enemy with an attack using this ammunition, one ally of your choice who is engaged with the target can heal 4 hit points (10 at Champion Tier, 25 at Epic Tier). This healing is doubled on a crit.


Adventurer Tier:

Bow of Prayer

Ranged Weapon Chakra, +1 to attacks and damage with ranged attacks

Ability (Passive): While wielding this weapon, replace any references to your own “melee attacks” or “ranged spells” in Cleric, Paladin, or Druid class features, talents, spells, or flexible attacks with “ranged attack”. Yes, this means you can Smite Evil from nearby, with +1 to attack and damage from this bow, and use a magic arrow to expand its crit range, and may trigger opportunity attacks for doing so. Quirk: Plagued by wide-reaching philosophical conundrums of great scope and scale that you couldn’t hope to reconcile in one mortal lifetime or in one location or culture.


GM Sidebar: Hopefully the wording of this magic item catches any edge cases. The intention is that melee abilities for these classes can now work at range, and that melee abilities, as well as ranged spells for these classes, can use magic weapon and ammunition bonuses.


Finger Tab of Salvation

Glove Chakra

Ability (Passive): Your Remedial Arrows can instead allow the healing target to roll a save against one save ends effect on a hit, instead of being healed. When a condition is ended in this way, with a pointed finger you can transfer it to the target of your initial attack until the end of their next turn. Quirk: Alien sense of justice.


Champion Tier:

Spellsplitting Ring

Ring Chakra

Ability (Daily, Free Action): This elegant silver band has an arrowhead shaped spike protruding from it. Once per day, when making a ranged attack, you can split the effect as it flies past the spike, adding an additional target to the attack. Roll separate attack rolls but one damage roll as usual. Quirk: You frequently divide your attention between two simultaneous conversations with uncanny ease.


Epic Tier:

Quiver of Miracles

Belt Chakra, +3 recoveries

Ability (Passive): When you cause an ally to heal using a recovery, you can choose to spend that recovery on their behalf. You can both roll the recovery, but only the highest roll applies.

Once per level, you make to draw an arrow from this quiver and instead your fingers close around a miraculous item. This could be the exact item you need for your current predicament, a holy relic, a unique magic arrow, a sign from your god, or any other divinely significant item. Treat this like an unconflicted icon benefit, being more or less generous depending on how spiritual the theme of the item is. Quirk: Regularly petitioned by pilgrims and the faithful for aid and succour.


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