Rewards of the Labours

by Jay Godden, edited by Isaac Rolfe and Rob Heinsoo, art by a contemporary

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In the 12th Age, a mighty adventurer offended a host of the Bright Gods with their hubris and great deeds. They were advised by a priest to undertake a number of labours, one for each Age of the world, in order to atone for their blasphemies. They assisted Kings, slew monsters, challenged demons, and captured great prizes, all in honour of the Gods.

During these labours, they acquired a number of powerful items, either enchanted through their own latent heroism and power, or taken as trophies.

After a bountiful career of adventuring and heroism, the gods accepted this champion and forgave them their crimes. So great were their accomplishments that on their deathbed, they were brought up into heaven to join the ranks of the Bright Gods. To this day, small shrines can be found honouring this new divinity, and even a temple can be found in the backwaters of Santa Cora.

Set bonus: When you make a Strength skill check, roll an a0dditional xd20 and pick whichever result you prefer.


Champion Tier:

Quiver of Venom Dipped Arrows

Belt chakra, +2 recoveries

Ability: Once per battle, as a quick action, you can load a ranged weapon with ammunition from this quiver. The next ranged attack you make has its crit range expanded by 2, and deals poison damage. If this attack crits, the target is stunned until the end of its next turn as they are paralysed from the poison. Quirk: Always wary of cutting the head of the snake, worried about the power vacuum it will create and what might grow back.


Epic Tier:
Lion-hide Cloak

Cloak Chakra, +3 PD

Ability (Passive): Against attacks that target AC or PD, you subtract your Con modifier (not tripled) from the damage you take. Attacks with blunt force weapons, or those that deal force, holy, or negative damage, ignore this damage resistance. Quirk: Powerful sense of guilt over innocent lives that were lost because of your actions or inactions. 


Hero’s Greatclub

Two-handed weapon, +3 melee attacks and damage while using the weapon

Ability (Recharge 16+): if you hit with this weapon against a stunned enemy, you pin them in a grapple of godlike strength, and they become weakened and have a -4 penalty to disengage checks while engaged with you, save ends both. Quirk: Tendency to excessive self confidence.

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