Friday the 13th Age: Human Kin Powers in 13th Age 2E

Happy Friday the 13th!

We’re working hard on the Beta playtest packet of 13th Age 2E. Mostly we want to reveal the changes all at once, but here’s something fun from 2E that you can use in any 13th Age game: the new kin powers! We’ll run one kin a week for the next few weeks, starting with humans.

One important change: human characters no longer get a bonus feat.. Many of our Alpha Packet playtesters pointed out what we had started to believe ourselves: there was no actual reason to give human player characters a bonus feat. They have a kin power just like everyone else.

If you miss the way things used to be done, maybe your human PC will have the Resourceful kin power.

These kin powers aren’t guaranteed to be in the Beta Packet, but they’re what we’re playing with now, and odds are humans will have something like this.

Playtest comments, as usual, go to

–Rob Heinsoo


Kin power: Choose one of push it, quick to fight, or resourceful.

Push It (Kin Power)

Once per battle when you hit (but don’t crit) a target with an attack, you can choose to attempt to push it. If you do, make a second attack roll against that target. If you hit again, deal double damage; no crits with this power. If you miss the second roll, the original attack deals half damage against that target.

Champion Feat: If you miss when you push it, the kin power is not expended; you can use it again on a later turn this battle.

Quick to Fight (Kin Power)

At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.

Adventurer Feat: If you roll the highest initiative in a battle, you gain +2 to your AC and PD until an attack against AC or PD misses you.

Champion Feat: If you roll a natural 19 or 20 for initiative, increase the escalation die by 1 (usually from 0 to 1 since it’s the start of the battle).

Resourceful (Kin Power)

You have a bonus feat of the highest tier you qualify for. For clarity, here’s what we mean; here’s how your feat options look from first level to 10th level.

1st: two adventurer-tier feats

2nd: three adv feats

3rd: four adv feats

4th: five adv feats

5th: two champion feats, four adv feats

6th: three champion feats, four adv feats

7th: four champion feats, four adv feats

8th: two epic feats, three champion feats, four adv feats

9th: three epic feats, three champion feats, four adv feats

10th: four epic feats; three champion feat, four adv feats

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