Welcome to Ibrahim!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ibrahim and I’m happy to be working as Project Editor in the esteemed Pelgrane Press. Also, I’m happy to have this opportunity to be a part of this community and meet you all.

I will be working on many things, taking over as many duties as I can from Cat. I’ll be working on our books from conception to delivery and be there the whole way. Even though there are a lot of hats to wear and big shoes to fill (not that Cat has big feet, she did a lot for the company. The more I learn about it, more amazed I am, really) I am a person of a challenger mentality and I’ll do my best to provide you with the top quality content you are used to get from Pelgrane Press.

I started playing TTRPGs in 2000. That makes my journey almost as old as Pelgrane, also my dream of working in this industry as old too. After creating and managing many communities in my country and publishing materials as an amateur, I finally decided to take a leap of faith last year and started dabbling in publishing. That led me to Pelgrane Press and even this makes me glad that I did take that leap.

Tools in my belt range from accounting to marketing, illustration to animation, project management to social media and so on. I want to bring all of them to the benefit of both the company and the awesome community around it.

I live in Izmir, Turkey, raising my (now) 3 year old twins and working on TTRPGs full time, all week. It’s a good life for a TTRPG nerd like me and again, I’m glad to be here.

Looking forward to meeting with all of you!

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