Pelicon 2024

by Jim McCarthy (jwmuk)

It’s Gen Con 2024 on 2-4 August and any right minded tabletop roleplaying game aficionado is going to be heading to Indianapolis in the grand ole US of A, but if you can’t make it, despair no longer, a dedicated group of seven passionate Pelgrane players have come up with Pelicon 2024.

Pelicon 2024 aims to fill the gap left behind by Gen Con Online and to do this they have organised a panoply of prodigious online play, where seventeen expert GMs have lined up thirty three Pelgrane Press scenarios over that weekend.

This unofficial Pelgrane jaunt will feature Night’s Black Agents, 13th Age, Trail of Cthulhu, Fear Itself, The Esoterrorists, The Yellow King RPG, The Fall of Delta Green, Swords of the Serpentine and Ashen Stars.

Highlights include two new Trail of Cthulhu 2nd Edition scenarios; Afterlight and Hammer of the Gods, along with a scenario from the recently released The Ocean Game for Fear Itself. But also introductory scenarios for Ashen Stars and The Esoterrorists, the latter run by SteveFearful SymmetriesDempsey.

Throughout this weekend, we’ll aim to showcase the fevered imagination of the Pelgrane Community. CJ Romer offers The Scandalous Mademoiselle Suzie!, whereupon you play to find out who will win the heart of Miss Suzie. Everyone loves her, but what is the secret she hides?

Committed Hero takes us back to the cold war, running an agent swap at the Bridge of Spies, Glienicker Brücke, where there is a race against time to debrief an agent before the CIA take over. 

13th Age is in the news with the latest Kickstarter for its second edition, and we feature this game strongly, with seven games running including the Temple of the Sun Cabal from deathmetalbard, a fiery quest to save the world from the fanatical sun cult, it features vampires, volcanoes, flying temples and a possibly apocalyptic ending, unless the players can save the day?

So please join us over the weekend, playing some of the best games the TTRPG industry has to offer, meeting the friendliest of communities and having an unforgettable time!

Game sign up will be released later in June, but to get the latest information register here.

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