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Bookhounds of London Review

This review by Matthew Pook is worth considering if only for the terrible pun of the title, Tome Team. Given the lack of a sourcebook detailing London within the genre of Lovecraftian investigative horror, Bookhounds of London is a much, much needed resource. Although its focus is primarily the book and the booktrade, the information […]

Bookhounds Review on RPGNet

Kafka has posted a very comprehensive and positive review of our newest print release, Bookhounds of London, 5 out of 5 stars. You can read the full review here. Bookhounds of London is a major hardcover supplement to the Trail of Cthulhu that is: a campaign guide, locale sourcebook, and an adventure. Whomever, decides to […]

Review of Bookhounds of London on RPG Geek

Here is a detailed review of Bookhounds by Lowell Francis over at RPG Geek. One point the reviewer raised was of particular interest – he mentioned that he was expecting more Armitage Files like handouts, and guessed, correctly that the Occult Guide will fulfil this role. If you want to run a player driven occult […]

Bookhounds of London Review

Dan Harms over at On the Shelf Reviews has given Bookhounds a thorough examining with positive results. You can read the full review here. To the usual Trail mix of Pulp vanilla and Purist chocolate, we now get rainbow sherbert Arabesque, rocky road sordid, and disgustingly neon Technicolor. We can only hope that Pelgrane provides […]

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