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Cthulhu Apocalypse, Doomsday Edition Review

Ruth, over on the Illuminerdy, reviewed the Doomsday Edition of Cthulhu Apocalypse. Thanks Ruth! You can find the entire review on the Illuminerdy. Ruth says, “I found the Apocalypse Machine engaging in its versatility. It allows for an immense variety of apocalypses with even more resulting situations. A lot of post-apocalyptic writing, even in gaming, locks […]

Dulce et Decorum Est review: Sweet Charnel Decay

Pookie reviewed Dulce et Decorum Est on Reviews from R’lyeh. You can check out the full review here. Thanks Pookie! “Dulce et Decorum Est gives the tools for the Keeper to run scenarios set during the war, plus numerous good ideas…Physically, Dulce et Decorum Est is solidly presented. The art is excellent” On the Vaterland […]

Trail of Cthulhu review by the Mad Adventurers Society

Jay Draper over at The Mad Adventurers Society reviewed Trail of Cthulhu. Full review here, thanks Jay! “Overall, I really enjoyed playing Trail of Cthulhu. Despite it sharing the same setting as Call of Cthulhu, it is a far simpler game that is definitely more suited to the narrative, roleplay-focused style of gameplay that is popular […]

kafka praises Soldiers of Pen and Ink

Awarding Soldiers of Pen and Ink a 10/10, kafka says, “Gauntlett marvelously captures this mood and weaves a Mythos tale of intrigue and clandestine activity with the strong affinity of good Mythos literature” “Players looking for the buzz of an alternative and peculiar locale outside Lovecraft country … should look into  Soldiers of Pen and […]

Review of Eternal Lies by the Flames Rising blog

On the Flames Rising blog, reviewer Steven Dawes says about the epic Eternal Lies campaign: “Eternal Lies is simply the most well developed and well designed adventure book I’ve ever seen!” Steven adds, “The campaign storyline is loyal to and very worthy of the Cthulhu Mythos. The rules and organization of the book are easy […]

Jason Thompson reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris

Jason Thompson, over on his blog, mockman.com, reviews The Dreamhounds of Paris. Jason says, “This is great stuff. The Surrealists and the Mythos belong together.” Adding, “The idea of the Surrealists being Randolph-Carter-level Dreamers (or even better than that Carter dude) is genius; I can’t imagine historical figures who fit the role more.” “In short, […]

Eternal Lies Makes Endzeitgeist’s Best of 2013 List

Games reviewer Endzeitgeist declared Eternal Lies the Best Non-Pathfinder RPG Adventure of 2013, in the new issue of Pathways magazine. (Download a free copy.) He says: Eternal Lies ranks as one of the best campaigns I’ve seen for any Cthulhu-system – it’s glorious and I’m not going to SPOIL the awesome premise here. Every Keeper […]

Review of Eternal Lies by the Dreams in the Lich House blog

On the Dreams in the Lich House blog, reviewer Beedo says about the epic Eternal Lies campaign: “After spending the past few weeks reading this 400 page monster, Pelgrane has far exceeded my expectations.” Beedo continues, “The overarching theme of Eternal Lies is corruption, and the adventure does a fantastic job of grinding stability and […]

Trail of Cthulhu review at defective yeti

Over at his defective yeti blog, Matthew Baldwin has rapidly become a fan of Trail of Cthulhu. We are delighted to hear that it’s thanks to Trail of Cthulhu that Matthew can “at long last, add the title of ‘roleplayer’ to my gaming resume without resorting to exaggeration or wishful thinking.” In great detail, Matthew […]

The Native and the Nine

Two wider geek-media huzzahs for Pelgrane core games hit this week, and by some kind of odd coincidence, they both feature interviews with me. Andrew Girdwood of Geek Native shares the news of how you can get Trail of Cthulhu for 55% off at DriveThruRPG if you haven’t bought it yet, and asks me all […]

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