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February playtesting

Please email support@pelgranepress.com for instructions on how to take part in this playtest! Title: A Poison Tree System: Trail of Cthulhu generational campaign setting Author: Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Matthew Sanderson. Deadline for return of feedback: Monday, 15th August 2022 Number of sessions: 1-2 sessions per each of the eight adventures Description: The […]

The Plain People of Gaming: Fruit of a Poison Tree

It’s been some time since the Poison Tree campaign was announced, even by the sometimes leisurely standards of Pelgrane. It’s currently on my desk undergoing development and additional writing. The core concept of the campaign is unchanged from those early articles – a series of connected adventures across the generations, from 1650 to the present […]

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