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James Introcaso vs. Dracula

James Introcaso is an enthusiastic and gifted podcaster and an ENnie-Award-winning blogger who loves tabletop RPGs. (His August 2015 interview with Ken is here.) He recently sent us a terrified final* testament revealing the horrifying truth behind his encounter with the King of Vampires. “It’s huge.” That was my first thought when my good pal, fellow podcaster, […]

Call of Chicago: Dracula Dossier Designer’s Notes

    It all started in 2011, even before Night’s Black Agents was published. Or perhaps it all started in 1890, when Bram Stoker began outlining the tale of “Count Wampyr” of Styria after a nightmare caused by eating “a surfeit of dressed crab,” according to his son. But I’m going to start it in […]

Dracula Dossier Resources

Downloads Download the Night’s Black Agents Dracula Dossier character sheet here Download a Blank Conspyramid Download Perveniet Calix, a Dracula Dossier Series Pitch by Ryan Macklin Download the Dracula Dossier theme tune by James Semple Download a cross-referenced PDF of nodes, characters, and places in the Director’s Handbook, by Rickard Gudbrand Download a Director’s Screen, by […]

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