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Call of Chicago: 13 True Ways The Hellenistic Era Is Fantastic

“We have digressed on these matters, not out of a desire to criticize Herodotus, but to show that wondrous tales tend to prevail over truthful tales.” — Diodorus Siculus (c. 60 BCE), anticipating John Ford by 2,000 years Not that we normally have any truck with wondrous tales here in this here column, no sirree. […]

Call of Chicago: 13 Olympikons

Next, glad-hearted Hermes dragged the rich meats he had prepared and put them on a smooth, flat stone, and divided them into twelve portions distributed by lot, making each portion wholly honorable. — Homeric Hymn to Hermes That, you will be gobsmacked (or perhaps even godsmacked) to know, is the earliest reference known to the Twelve Olympians, and it’s not […]

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