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Behind-the-Illustration of The Orc Lord

“The Orc Lord is a figure of legend. The last time he walked the land the Lich King fell, in part because of the Orc Lord’s attack. Who will fall before his hordes this time? Who won’t?”  –From the 13th Age icon teaser description. The images in this post should give you a pretty clear […]

More information about Trail

The Trail of Cthulhu Discussions This thread describes magic in Trail Cthulhu. This thread discusses how insanity is dealt with in ToC. A thread on capping Stability loss in a scene. Running Trail for CoC Keepers Gods and Creatures discussion. Interviews Interviews with Simon Rogers (publisher) and Jerome Huguenin (art and layout). Interview with Kenneth […]

Your enemies

Fear Itself includes fearsome new opponents for your PCs. More creatures and two great Fear Itself adventures can be found in the Ennie-award nominated GUMSHOE Book of Unremitting Horror. Mystery Man Mystery Men drive people mad for pleasure. A Mystery Man seeks out individuals, often in a group, who he deems susceptible to psychological breakdown, […]

The Fear Itself game system

Fear Itself is a stand-alone game, based on the GUMSHOE system first introduced in Esoterrorists. GUMSHOE is modular, and Fear Itself offers new options for the GUMSHOE system which can also be used in Esoterrorists or other GUMSHOE games. Fear Itself Characters Characters in Fear Itself have numerous hooks which make them perfect for horror […]

The Quade Diagram

In the world of Mutant City Blues, super powers come from a single source, and are well-documented enough to be understood with forensic science and to have been incorporated into legal proceedings. The Quade Diagram, devised by Dr Lucius Quade, maps them all out, and shows their associated defects. It’s this diagram which makes the […]


History The Esoterrorists comprise a fast-growing international conspiracy drawing from all walks of life. Conspirators range from Washington power brokers to backwoods cannibals. When they started out, they were able to influence people only through suggestion. They practiced rituals but their evocations were limited to persuasive parlor tricks. Esoterror today Their generation-spanning plans for global […]

Ordo Veritatis

History The exact origins of the Ordo Veritatis are unknown to all but its most senior members. Field agents know that it arose in response to the nascent Esoterror movement, and that its activities have on several occasions prevented them from decisively piercing the protective barrier between the natural and the supernatural. Structure The OV, […]

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