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Musings on The Yellow King Suite

by James Semple The Yellow King Suite is included free as a digital download with The Yellow King RPG, and separately from the link below.   Buy the YKRPG Suite MP3s now   Listen to a sample here: https://site.pelgranepress.com/files/YellowKing/The%20King%20In%20Yellow_sample.mp3   The Yellow King Suite covers 4 different settings. In addition it presents a theme for […]

13th Age Soundtrack

Give your 13th Age game the soundtrack it deserves The 13th Age Age Soundtrack brings you 30 pieces of music to evoke excitement, suspense, wonder and mystery at your gaming table. Keep it running in the background, play individual tracks to herald the arrival of battle, the icons or a change in location, or use it as inspiration while […]

Irrawaddy Landing

by James Semple Having recently completed the 13th Age Suite I was interested in writing something more contemporary again. While music for the Night’s Black Agents Dracula Dossier is on the horizon, I felt it had been far, far too long since I’d last written anything for The Esoterrorists. I remember that ever since I’d […]

Dust and Mirrors – Music for Night’s Black Agents

Every spy needs a cool soundtrack The best espionage thrillers use music to bring audiences to the edges of their seats, with soundtracks that evoke suspense, danger and mystery. Now you can bring this same excitement to your Night’s Black Agents RPG adventures with Dust and Mirrors: Music for Night’s Black Agents. James Semple and his crack team of composers […]

All We Have Forgotten

All We Have Forgotten has been nominated for a 2013 ENnie Award as Best Aid / Accessory. More on this here. All We Have Forgotten is music for Ashen Stars by James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer and Yaiza Varona, the talent behind the chilling Eternal Lies Suite. All We Have Forgotten contains 10 original tracks and […]

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