The Gaean Reach

huth_GR_cover_RGB_350The Gaean Reach is a brand new game written by Robin D Laws with Jim Webster and Peter Freeman based on the science-fiction works of Dying Earth author Jack Vance. It will use a new GUMSHOE-meets-Skulduggery system.

The Gaean Reach is a fictional setting developed across a series of loosely connected novels. It exists in the far future and can be defined as those parts of our galaxy in which human colonies have become established. The scope of the Gaean Reach varies between novels, growing large over a timeline of several millennia at least.

The richness of the settings, the vast array of cultures and races, each with their own bewildering customs and traditions ensure that this is a setting unlike any other. This is not a background where NPCs exist purely to provide clues for the next stage of the adventure, instead, the NPCs are complex individuals, with their own aims and objectives, with whom you have to interact and that interaction may send the game off in surprising directions.


Stock #: PELV01 Author: Robin D. Laws
Artist: Chris Huth Pages: 108pg, 6 x 9, Perfect Bound

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11 Responses to “The Gaean Reach”

  1. Steve C. says:

    I’m really looking forward to this RPG, as a huge fan of Jack Vance and Pelgrane. Do you anticipate a release in 2012?

  2. Allan says:

    I was really hoping it was not connected to either of the other two rules systems.
    One my players don’t like.
    And the other I cant seem to ref properly and even though I have tried to start games a couple of times they have all flopped and now my players don’t like this system either.

    I was hoping it would be a breath of fresh air as far as rules go.


  3. David Nagy says:

    Hi, Simon
    Has The Gaean Reach been released yet?

    el D.

  4. Graham says:

    Hi Simon,

    Has there been any progress?

  5. […] The Gaean Reach, le JdR vancien SF de Pelgrane Press, est annoncé en version *.pdf d’ici à la fin de la […]

  6. Brett Evill says:

    Yoot! It’s out at last!

    I wonder whether this is going to be suitable for my long-running Vance-inspired (and Cordwainer Smith, etc.) serial-planetary-romance SF RPG setting?

    I wonder whether it’s going to be suitable to the Star-Trek done right campaign I’m setting up for that setting?

    I wonder how my players would react to being told to generate Gaean Reach characters instead of GURPS characters.

  7. Jerome says:

    in the book, there is mention of a ressource page for the game but i havent found it on the website. Can you help ? :)
    Thank you !

  8. CraigN says:

    The rules on using tokens in the Gaean Reach are not consistent. There’s the table on p. 24, which seems clear enough. But then the individual rules sections sometimes contradict it.

    How much does it cost to make a Desperate Bid, using a skill you don’t have, 3 tokens (p. 24) or 1 token (p. 32)?

    How much does it cost to make a Fortunate Avoidance, 3 tokens (p. 24) or 2 tokens (p. 39)?

    How much do ability increases cost, the amounts on p. 24, or the usually smaller amounts on p. 45?

    How much does it cost to overcome an Obstacle, 3 tokens (p. 24) or a variable number (p. 34)? Actually, for this one the rules text surely takes precedence.

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