The Esoterrorists and their Unremitting Horrors


The Esoterrorists comprise a fast-growing international conspiracy drawing from all walks of life. Conspirators range from Washington power brokers to backwoods cannibals. When they started out, they were able to influence people only through suggestion. They practiced rituals but their evocations were limited to persuasive parlor tricks.


Esoterror today

Their generation-spanning plans for global control only began to come to fruition in the 1990s, at the end of the cold war. As old power arrangements shattered, Esoterrorist agents stepped in to fill the gap. Their ritualists feed off the growing globalization of electronic media and the accelerating pace of islocating social change. Whenever the world appears more disturbing or surreal than it is already, the veil between the ordinary material world, bounded by the laws of science, becomes permeable. Illogic becomes its own logic. The surreal gains physical form.

Unremitting Horrors


Esoterrorist rituals seek to harness fleeting elements of subjectivity and use it to poke holes in the membrane. When they weaken it enough, they can bring forth creatures which they claim come from their own imagination, unremitting horrors. In a world where vampires are a pop culture staple and the dread elder gods are available as plush toys, traditional monsters have lost their power to terrify and appall. Esoterrorist creatures may recall demons, ghosts or the undead, but always with an unexpected twist. Additional creatures and information on the Esoterrorists can be found in the GUMSHOE Book of Unremitting Horror

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