Trail of Cthulhu contributors

Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite claims to have bought the first copy of Call of Cthulhu sold in Oklahoma City, in August of 1981. Since then, he has moved to dread and night-haunted Chicago, written all or part of seventy or so roleplaying game books (including Nightmares of Mine, Dubious Shards, and Adventures Into Darkness), and acquired the requisite Lovecraftian cat. His “Tour de Lovecraft: The Settings” column appears in Weird Tales magazine; his Suppressed Transmission column explores the Higher Strangeness in Pyramid. His wife Sheila knits.

Robin D Laws

Our number one freelancer, and all round good egg. Robin D Laws wrote Fear Itself, and the GUMSHOE system. He is responsible for most of Pelgrane Press’s game design, including The Dying Earth RPG, Cugel’s Compendium and Rhialto’s Book of Marvels. He has also written for Steve Jackson Games, Atlas and other major publishers. You can read his blog here, noting the combination of self-deprecation and American pithiness found only in Canadians.

Jérôme Huguenin

Jérome is a French freelance illustrator and graphic designer born in 1975. He is married with one little girl. He first worked with Pelgrane Press on the Dying Earth RPG, (top rated in his game collection) and designed all the previous GUMSHOE books. He will provide art for the up coming GUMSHOE books, including Mutant City Blues and Trail of Cthulhu supplements. He also work for French publishers and a local magazine. When not working he is usually playing bass or trying to grow fruits and vegetables. The rotten one usually end up in his photo collection for his creations – perfect for a monster skin! See his portfolio and blog

Simon Rogers

Simon Rogers is the managing director and co-owner of Pelgrane Press Ltd, publishers of the Dying Earth RPG and GUMSHOE system. He also runs ProFantasy Software Ltd, makers of Campaign Cartographer 3 and its add-ons. His job consists primarily of asking other people to do things for him with varying degrees of success. You can read Pelgrane entries on my blog here.


These are the ones who made it through all the hurdles and provided us with a playtest report. Our games are substantially improved as a result of their input. Check our forums for opportunities.

Peter Gifford

Peter Gifford designed the structure and basic layout of this website. Peter Gifford is the Creative Director of Universal Head is a small, creative design firm that blends traditional design craftsmanship, the latest graphics technology and a strong understanding of visual communications.

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