The Dying of St Margaret’s reviewed by Dan Harms

Dan Harms has written a review of DoSM.

…this is a chilling scenario epitomizing Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. It not only recommends itself to Trail of Cthulhu purist players, but it’s also an excellent resource for Call of Cthulhu players who want more cosmic horror in their games.

Also, Graham and I were also rather chuffed to note this comment from Dr_Locrian on the yog-sothoth forum:

The Dying of St. Margaret’s is an awesome scenario, all kinds of win! I just love the story, it feels like an old school Val Lewton production (is it a leftover from Shadows Over Filmland?). I’m tempted to contact the writer so I can write a screenplay adaptation!

I think it also has what I would consider the Platonic ideal for Trail of Cthulhu scenario writing format: a non-linear collection of scenes and clues and multiple ways of obtaining information listed. Also liked the hints on how to roleplay the key NPC’s.

Bravos all around!

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