New projects

I’ve got five delightful new Pelgrane Press projects to announce.

Jason Morningstar, best known as creator of of the Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, is writing a Trail of Cthulhu adventure called The Black Drop.

Something slowly gathers strength beneath the frozen basalt of the remote Kerguelen archipelago – a monstrous thing once worshipped and then betrayed, a terrible god from the antediluvian past. It’s time has come again, and mysterious forces gather. Will they usher in its rebirth – or put an end to it forever?

Castle Bravo, a Purist Trail of Cthulhu adventure set in the Atomic Age, is being written by Bill White, who wrote the excellent Ganakagok. It is approaching playtestable form.

The Investigators are sailors and scientists deployed aboard the USS Bairoko to the South Pacific as part of Joint Task Force One to participate in a series of secret thermonuclear test shots in the Bikini atoll called Operation Castle. After the first detonation, the PCs will have more than just radiation to fear…

Bill is also designing a complete stand-alone game, code name New World, it is inspired in part by Jared Diamond’s work. The PC are in a colony at a crisis point and confront the combination of their cultural mores and limited resources in an alien environment.

Robin D Laws will be creating an SF iteration of GUMSHOE, as yet untitled.

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