Eternal Lies Suite … meet the composers

Hi … I thought it apt to begin introducing the various composers who are working on the Eternal Lies suite.

Here is Marie-Anne Fischer in her own words…

I fell in love with composing music when in South Africa, after moving from my native Belgium.  Rhythms, beats and sounds of Africa stylised my music, some of which was used for television, wildlife documentaries, sport and corporate video.  Further colour was added during time spent in the USA.  I moved to the UK where I focused on composing music for media after completing a diploma course in the same. My main instruments are piano and violin.
I look forward to co-writing music for “Eternal Lies” and have already been exploring the range of possible emotions and ambient sounds that might accompany live role play. Composing can be solitary, so I welcome working alongside such talented friends and taking the opportunity to broaden my musical spectrum.

I’ll be introducing Mike and Yaiza in the coming weeks and hopefully I can bring a few of these musical types along to Dragonmeet in November.

I believe next week we will post up the first preview of the music!



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