Reviews of Dying Earth and Kaiin Player’s Guide

More reviews from Lowell Francis over at RPGGeek, this time of the Dying Earth RPG and the Kaiin Player’s Guide.

Dying Earth RPG review –

Physically this is a gorgeous product. Beautifully laid out, with plenty of narrative text, quotations, examples and digressions on the nature of this system. It certainly manages to convey the feeling of the setting throughout, accompanied by excellent illustrations. If you collect rpg products, you ought to own a copy of this. I’d say the same thing if you’re a student of how complicated rules can be laid out well.

Full review can be found here.

Kaiin Player’s Guide review –

There’s something to be said for the brilliance of this as an rpg product. Often with city-books you have a GM’s guide, which means usually one player out of a group has a need to buy it. This is a generally rules-free supplement (avoiding power escalation or added complexity) which every one in a group could have a reason to buy.

Full review can be found here.

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