Reviews of Shadows Over Filmland, ToC & Mutant City Blues

The lure of GUMSHOE has snared another forum and its members. Over the last few days four very positive reviews have appeared on RPGGeek from reviewer Lowell Francis.

Shadows Over Filmland review –

As before with Trail of Cthulhu, Huguenin has created a book of sinister beauty… This is a good solid book of adventures. If you’re a fan of monster and horror films or the 1930’s and 1940’s (Browning, Lang, Lewton, etc) then I highly recommend it

Full review can be found here.

Trail of Cthulhu review –

This book is gorgeous; my copy is a lovely 248 page hardcover. Jérome Huguenin does a masterful job with art and layout… It is the starting point for some interesting supplements: The Armitage Files offers a great campaign frame; Shadows Over Filmland, a unique horror approach; Arkham Detective Tales, police procedurals; and so on. Plus there’s a number of forthcoming supplements by Hite, Hindmarch, Tidball, Walmsley and others– all of which make my mouth water. All of which I want.

Full review can be found here.

Mutant City Blues review –

This is a great game. If you run a mystery/investigation centered supers campaign, you’ll find useful ideas here. If you’re looking for a new campaign style to begin, then MCB could easily slot in as something different. If you like Gumshoe and its focus on mysteries, I’d also recommend it– this book provides a whole set of new tools constructing new Gumshoe campaign frames.

Full review can be found here.

Hard Helix review –

The book looks great in art and layout... Good stories, all very different from one another. A solid must-buy for GMs wanting to run MCB.

Full review can be found here.

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