Wanted – Webmaster

I am looking for a freelancer to do a few hours a month web development, for Pelgrane Press and Stone Skin Press

We are looking for a person who has:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of WordPress, Vanilla and their plug-ins.
  • The ability to work with native html and understand RSS CSS and javascript.
  • Basic knowledge of NT Servers (you’d know how to set up redirects and enable email for example)
  • A good aesthetic eye.

These additional skills would be valuable:

  • A working knowledge of ASP. No programming would be expected, but there may be some adjustment of existing code.
  • The ability to produce decent graphics, including banners.
  • A good command of English

The pay is fixed at $300 a month, and you’ll work about 30 hours a month. Perks include Pelgrane Press and Stone Skin Press products at cost.

To apply, email me subject Pelgrane Job, and attached your resumé as a PDF. The  will include links to websites on which you have worked.

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