Ripped From the Headlines: Fake Corpse Call

When a phone tip from a woman claiming to be a psychic leads police in a rural community to excavate a supposed mass grave, the Ordo Veritatis dispatches a team to the site to cope with supernatural repercussions. By the time they arrive at the scene, the call is shown to be a hoax. But as seasoned investigators into the machinations of the Esoterrorists, the team knows better than to pack up and go home. The emotional impact of this nationally televised event has likely weakened the membrane between this world and the Outer Dark. If there isn’t already an Esoterror sleeper cell nearby, they can bet that at least one will be headed to town, stirring up further cognitive dissonance until genuinely uncanny events start to occur. Can the team shut them down before they do permanent damage to the membrane?

The Esoterror Factbook details a Station Duty campaign frame, in which agents are permanently assigned to one locale where a thinning membrane provokes a series of horrific occurrences. We’ll be exploring this idea in more depth in an upcoming product. In the meantime, the fake corpse call could serve as the instigating incident for your Station Duty series.

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