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Internal Memo Regarding a Fugitive Gargoyle

A handout for The Yellow King: Aftermath Hello Irvin and Tasha – Just a quick memo to put into writing my concerns as expressed in our recent meeting. I believe it is a mistake to deprioritize nonhuman persons of interest as we assemble our investigative list for the Commission. I grant the considerable practical considerations […]

See Page XX: Mars Life (An EZ One-Shot Scenario)

A column about roleplaying By Robin D. Laws In the last installment of this column, I laid out the rules for a simple, super low-prep system for casual one-shot games. Let’s follow that up with a look at the scenario I ran for the Pelgranes present in London on the night before Dragonmeet in 2022. […]

Jonas Cromer

A foe for The Yellow King: Aftermath A decade ago longtime mob enforcer Jonas Cromer took advantage of his boss’ connections to the Castaigne regime to wangle a spot in an experimental supersoldier program. Most of the test subjects died while undergoing treatment. Others suffered fatal or debilitating aneurysms over the subsequent months and years. […]

Protocols for Interacting with an Outer Dark Information Console

Handout for The Esoterrorists You have been forwarded this confidential Ordo Veritatis Supplementary Operations Manual Entry because you have either discovered an Outer Dark Information Console (ODIC) or have reason to believe you will encounter one during the course of your current ongoing investigation. As you proceed it is essential to balance two competing but […]

See Page XX: The EZ One-Shot System

A column about roleplaying By Robin D. Laws Sometimes you want to run an entirely casual tabletop session that requires next to no prep on your part, and zero learning curve for the players. For example, you might want to run a game around a dinner party, maybe with a break in the middle for […]

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