Ashen Stars Preview Events at Retailers

Aldo of Impressions Advertising, together with Pelgrane Press other ImpAdv clients are helping proactive retailers garner preorders for forthcoming products, and giving retailer customers get a taster of games which aren’t yet out.  Aldo has started Game Preview Events, and Pelgrane Press is the guinea pig. Aldo has been running FreePRGDay for years now, and we want this new preview to be equally succesful.

From the week of the 21st to 27th August, select retailers will be running Ashen Stars preview events, with exclusive limited edition versions and Ashen Stars tokens.

  • If you are a Pelgrane customer, first check to see if any local event is planned. If not, please bug your local retailer to sign up for one of these events – it’s very straightforward for retailers to join, and they get an amazing preview bundle to sell. If you are willing to run an event at the preview, please let us know, as we’ll be offering rewards.
  • If you are a retailer interested in signing up, see what you get. It’s an irresistible bargain, and there are 50 slots available.
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