See Page XX: September 2011

After a month’s hiatus to recover from GenCon and all that entails, See Page XX is back, packed with articles, advice, and interesting Pelgrane-related tidbits. We have the monthly round-up of all things Pelgrane from Simon Rogers. Robin D Laws talks about the forthcoming DramaSystem. Johnny Nexus, author of Game Night and Critical Miss condemns the red-herring in Grabbing Chekhov’s Gun. Stowaway is a free 20-minute demo for Ashen Stars from Kevin Kulp, for all of you who want a taster of just how awesome it is. Ask Beth is a new regular Page XX feature, providing answers to all those questions you have always wanted to ask. Next we have a single page of the forthcoming Night’s Black Agents layout from Evil Hat’s Fred Hicks. We also have a large number of projects that are in need of playtest so please check them out.


Out Now

  • The Apocalypse Machine by Graham Walmsley, the second installment of the Cthulhu Apocalypse series.
  • Many Fires by Jason Morningstar, something ancient and horrible lurks beneath the mountains of Northern Mexico.
  • Ashen Stars PDF: The PDF only is now available to buy and download in our shop.
  • Dead Rock Seven PDF: Gareth Hanrahan’s collection of adventures for Ashen Stars is now available as PDF only.

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