Flying Coffins

You are Royal Flying Crops pilots stationed near the Front, and rumour has it the next big push is about to begin. The squadron’s being worked to death, and its champion ace is on the verge of cracking up. Meanwhile the new Hun Circus is racking up kill after kill – but is it the enemy or something else that’s to blame?

A sortie into Hunland to tackle an observation balloon ends in a fierce scrap with Jasta 32. Something terrible has been glimpsed flying in and out of the clouds. On the ground again, ace MacMurdo can shed some light, but he’s on the edge of cracking up himself. Reporting it to Command won’t do any good, but talking to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, military journalist, might. Combat takes its toll, and the date of the Push draws near. Military gossip is rife, but the Intelligence Officer has some solid gen for the protagonists. Duelling Becker may be the only way to put the Byakhee menace down for good, for it’s the Yellow Sign that’s the real problem.  On the day of the Push it’s sortie after sortie; Becker makes his final appearance, if he hasn’t already been dealt with, and the protagonists will have to fight hard or go down in flames.

Flying Coffins is a new Trail of Cthulhu scenario from Not So Quiet and Hell Fire author Adam Gauntlett.

Status: In playtest

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