Station Duty

Your town isn’t like other places. There’s something wrong with it.

No-one wants to admit to themselves, but things are strange here. More madness. More sorrow. More deaths. More horrible ‘accidents’. It’s not like it used to be. There’s something rotten in the heart of this place, a cancer of the soul that eats away at everything good and leaves only monsters behind. Your town is sick.

Who or what did this to your town? Some government experiment? Corporate pollution? Was it something alien? Do invisible monsters lurk at the threshold of perception, warping your town in their own nightmare images? Or – even worse – did someone you know do this? Could your neighbours, your friends, even your family be somehow responsible for this inexorable slide into the abyss?

You didn’t want to admit things had gotten bad, but the strangers forced you to see. They came to town to uncover its secrets, to pierce the veils of deception and find out what’s really going on. They pit cold science against occult horror. They want the truth.

They call themselves the Ordo Veritatis.

And they need your help.

Station Duty is the new Esoterrorist setting from Gareth Hanrahan. OV agents are stationed in a small town at one the membrane’s weak spots and must stop the Outer Dark from breaking though.

Status: In playtest

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