See Page XX: February 2012

This month’s Page XX is a bumper January/February edition. Our line-up this month includes the incomparable Robin D Laws with three columns. Two give advice on combat rules in Ashen Stars and the last holds a treasure-trove of writing tips, both for general prose and for roleplaying scenarios. A playtest group has provided us with a detailed report on their experience playtesting DramaSystem. We’ve got a bunch of new playtest opportunities – Robin’s new game, Hill Folk which uses the DramaSystem, Bill White’s New World, a world-building historical fantasy, and The Zalozhniy Quartet, a series of four linked adventures for Night’s Black Agents. Sticking with the vampire theme we have a reminder of the Conspyramid competition and a detailed guide to constructing and collapsing a conspiracy from James Palmer. Will Hindmarch gives us some updates for the opus that is the Eternal Lies campaign and his new post-apocalyptic GUMSHOE game, Razed. We have the monthly round-up of all things Pelgrane from Simon Rogers, the customary Poll, and for the first time we have an open call for artist to submit their work for consideration.



New Releases

  • Terra Nova by Leonard Balsera, this is a scenario for Ashen Stars involving a terrible secret hidden on a deserted luxury liner.
  • Lorefinder (PDF version) by Gareth Hanrahan, the rules for a GUMSHOE/Pathfinder mash-up.


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