The 13th Age Escalation Edition Download v2.0 Ready

Version 2.0 is a fairly minor revision over v 1.0. Details follow. Escalation Edition customers can download it from the link on your order page.

Those who saw Escalation Edition v 1.0 will find that the monk has been revised and made somewhat playable up to level 5. I say ‘somewhat’ because it’s in need of formatting, rationalization, and testing.

Other changes in this version include the edited cleric (though there are a few more spells coming for the class before we’re done), 40 new feats spread around the classes, some reorganizations that are in mid-construction, and a host of adjustments in response to playtest feedback.

Changes thanks to playtest responses include a scarier dark elf racial power; half-elves who are uniquely interesting in their own right rather than functioning as the sum of the other races; clarification that the Great Gold Wyrm isn’t literally plugging the hole in the Abyss with his own dragon-scaled butt; a curiously balanced battle cry for the bard that can let the class function as an inspirational battle healer (Pull it together!) as well as revised battle cries pivoting around that change; and the start of more interesting talents for the ranger.

Classes and sections not mentioned in that list of revisions are due for more work soon.

We’re still getting good playtest feedback from people who are using this edition. Send concise playtest feedback to and we’ll add it to the 800+ pages of playtest feedback we’re processing now with our developer.

The things we would love playtest feedback on from this edition are the monk and the Building Battle Encounters system on page 191, especially as it relates to adventures at champion and epic tier where PCs are pitted against monsters above their level. Our early playtesting showed that we needed to make life harder for high level characters. And we have.

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