July Playtesting Opportunities

Here are July’s playtesting opportunities. Owl Hoot Trail by Clinton R. Nixon and Kevin Kulp, Sisters of Sorrow, a new Trail of Cthulhu adventure from Adam Gauntlett, and The Gaean Reach by Robin Laws based on the series of books by Jack Vance.

  • Each playtest has its own email link. Please click the link to send the email.
  • You can playtest mulitple games, as long as you can make the deadlines. Send one email for each playtest.
  • Please ensure you have a group and first date lined up before you email.

Owl Hoot Trail

System: New

Number of Sessions: 2

Last Delivery Date: 20th August

Short Description: Clinton R Nixon’s game of fantasy meets the Old West with a neat, rules-light system. It’s easy to play and to play test. There is an adventure included with the playtest.

Please email if you want to participate.

Sisters of Sorrow

System: Trail of Cthulhu

Number of Sessions: 2

Last Delivery Date: 20th August

Short Description: The crew of UC-12 encounter an abandoned German vessel, and soon afterward the boat is infested with the same strange plant that apparently killed the other ship’s crew.

Please email if you want to participate.

Gaean Reach

System: GUMSHOE/Skulduggery

Deadline: 1st September

What it’s about:

Based on Jack Vance’s Gaean Reach stories. In this game, your characters pursue vengeance across the many worlds of a loosely connected interstellar civilization of the far future. Years ago, someone named Quandos Vorn did something terrible to you, and you swore to destroy them. Since that dark day, you’ve prepared yourself to hunt and confront this dread individual. Now you’re finally ready. Please email if you’d like to test it.

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