Welcome, Penny Arcade fans!

Servitor Shield If you arrived at this page because Gabe listed “A Burning desire deep in my heart to play 13th Age” as part of his PAX haul, we are delighted to see you, and we pray that our servers hold up.

Our Resources page has links and downloads to tell you more about the game. To get a PDF copy of the current fully-playable draft you can pre-order 13th Age,  or back the designers’ 13 True Ways Kickstarter at the $50 level or higher.

Here’s a quick overview:

13th Age is a new fantasy tabletop roleplaying game from designers Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. It’s the game that they run for each other and their friends on game night, playtested by hundreds of groups who provided their own great feedback, illustrated by Lee Moyer and Aaron McConnell, and published later this year by Pelgrane Press.

It’s a familiar game in that you roll a 20-sided die to kill orcs and dragons; but it has some innovative rules to make it different and exciting.

Your character’s personal history, relationships and the one thing that makes him or her unique come into play frequently, instead of being something you write down on the back of your character sheet and then rarely look at again. You are connected to the 13 most powerful people in the world, icons like the Archmage, Lich King, High Druid and Elf Queen. Maybe you’re their ally, maybe you’re their enemy. Maybe you’re a bit of both. As they strive, scheme and fight to achieve their goals, your actions will decide the course of history in this 13th age of the Dragon Empire.

While you’re here, also check out Pelgrane’s other amazing games, including the spies-vs-vampires thriller Night’s Black Agents, the Ashen Stars science fiction game, Trail of Cthulhu and more.


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