Robin Laws in 13 True Ways

Any moment now, when Kickstarter pushes the 13 True Ways book over $64K, Jonathan Tweet and Robin D. Laws and I will be working together again for the first time.

Jonathan and Robin have worked together, most notably on Over the Edge. Robin and I have worked together from my first paid gig writing an adventure for Pandemonium through Nexus/Feng Shui/Shadowfist for Daedalus and King of Dragon Pass for A-Sharp and 4e books like Underdark and Plane Above. And of course Jonathan and I have collaborated on a bunch of games, those happy collaborations are why we undertook 13th Age.

But unless I’m forgetting something, Robin and Jonathan and I have never all worked together on the same big project at the same time. The success of the 13 True Ways Kickstarter has enabled us to bring Robin aboard. I sent him a list of four possible subjects to round out the book, Robin chose to write about the world’s idiosyncratic devils (bizarre individual personalities distinct from the demons who only want to destroy) and the intricacies of three courts, one of men, one of elves, and one of monsters.

The 13 True Ways book is mapping bigger and better than we hoped. Thanks to Robin joining up, this burst of big/better isn’t going to mean ‘slower.’

And assuming we hit the slightly higher target, Robin will also be joining the previously scheduled back-and-forth designer dialogue between me and Jonathan wherever that works out through the rest of the book! We expect Robin to bring the wit-punches. Or maybe he’ll just agree with everything we say, demurely.

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