See Page XX: October 2012

Our October See Page XX is chock-full of goodies, from layout samples to Orcs, from Ravenloft to Robin D Laws, we’ve got it all. Darren Pearce of Fun Tyrant Games presents an alternative Icon for the 13th Age compatible, Nightfall. Robin D Laws sets the scene for his Depression era-Texan-circus DramaSystem setting. Jessica Hammer talks about innovation in play techniques. Ryven Cedrylle explores a new breed of Orc springing up across the 13th Age. Chris Huth, designer of the Night’s Black Agents layout, has done a stellar job of The Gaean Reach layout, check out sample pages. Jonathan Tweet talks about fixed monster damage for 13th Age. There is an extract from the introduction of the forthcoming installment of Cthulhu Apocalypse (Green Unpleasant Land), by Gareth Hanrahan. Simon Rogers gives us a roung up of all things Pelgrane, plus an update on all the news surrounding 13th Age. We also have two new playtesting opportunities, brand new releases, and the traditional See Page XX Poll.


New Releases

The Page XX Poll

Would you buy a set of 13th Age dice, priced around $15? (7 standard dice, d4 to d20 plus a d12 Icon die, 8 dice total)

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