See Page XX: November 2012

In this month’s See Page XX we bring you more 13th Age, more Night’s Black Agents, more releases, more playtesting, just more of all your favourite Pelgrane-related things. Robin D Laws gives some Mythos-inspired adventure hooks for all eras of play. Paula Dempsey, author of the ENnie Award Winning The Book of the Smoke, gives us an extract from the forthcoming Book of the New Jerusalem, Augustus D’arcy’s guidebook to occult England. Adam Dray has come up with a great idea for keeping unique things, backgrounds and plot hooks straight in 13th Age. Matthew Breen has created a new character sheet with set of pre-gens for Night’s Black Agents written by Kevin Kulp. Ash Law gives us a fantastic 13th Age play report from ZOECon. Sune Nødskou has sent us a play-aid for Trail of Cthulhu or any horror game, a set of cards each with a different instability effect based on the level of shock. We have the usual round up of all things Pelgrane and all things 13th Age from big bird himself, Simon Rogers and the traditional Page XX Poll.


New Releases

  • Out of Space – a collection of 5 adventures from Gaming Gods Robin D Laws, Adam Gauntlett and Jason Morningstar seen for the first time in print.
  • The Love of Money – Print Version. Matthew Sanderson’s fantastic Esoterrorists adventure now in print.
  • The Zalozhniy Quartet – Gareth Hanrahan’s set of Night’s Black Agents scenarios now available as a PDF only.

Page XX Poll

Should we print Trail of Cthulhu and Ashen Stars core books as black & white, soft cover books at a lower price (around $30 instead of $45)?

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