13th Age Demo and Character Sheet

So you’ve got yourself a copy of the fantastic new RPG, 13th Age. You’ve printed out the free PDF you get when you pre-order and you’re raring to go but your players aren’t as enthusiastic. They want to give it a go but maybe not a full session, maybe just a taster, an hour or two. WELL, we’ve got just what you need!

One of the gaming gods behind 13th Age, Rob Heinsoo, has written a demo adventure for just such an occasion. The 13th Age 2-Hour Demo is the thing for you, free to download and quick to run. If you also want to get ahead and print out easy to read, filled character sheets, then you can use the 13th Age Fillable Character Sheet PDF. Add to that a host of our useful resources, like player and GM aids, you and your players will be enjoying battles with the Lich King in no time!

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