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Freehand Yellow Sign Images

The Yellow Sign featured heavily in The Yellow King Roleplaying Game and its associated banners and art radiates an alien clarity. As created by graphic designer extraordinaire Christian Knutsson, its imperfections exist within the calm and implacable surety of the Pallid Mask. Yet not everyone in the clashing realities of the game pulls the same […]

Our Yellow Sign is Your Yellow Sign

Waxen-eared conspirators at constant war with their cats aren’t the only people with a vested interest in propagating the Yellow Sign. At Pelgrane Press we want everyone to gaze into the symbol of Carcosa, pledging fealty to the Pallid Mask and perhaps picking up a copy of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. To this end, […]

Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops Free Downloads and Resources

Downloads Download blank Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Blowback Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Heat Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Injury Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Serious Injury Problem cards US Letter / A4 Download blank Shadow Problem cards US Letter / A4 […]

Call of Chicago: Department of New Departments

With The Fall of Delta Green having psychedelically burst onto the shelves of finer game stores everywhere and indeed of this very site, this column keeps on bursting the covers of that already overfull tome. This time, rather than throw more weird story meat out there for the Handler, it’s time to give the players […]

Free Downloads and Resources for The Fall of DELTA GREEN

Character sheet downloads The Online Character Builder – The Black Book Download a colour character sheet PDF (A4 format) (US letter format)  Download a form-fillable colour character sheet PDF (A4 format) (US letter format) Download a B&W character sheet PDF (with no background) (A4 format) (US letter format) Other downloads Download a set of pregens for Operation ALADDIN’S CAVE Download a […]

Build your own 13th Age battles

by Ian Chilvers Download Ian’s 13th Age encounter manager here. A lot of my time used in the preparation of 13th Age sessions is in the creation of encounters. Particularly in the specifics of balancing (or deliberate unbalancing) of encounters to a party’s level. 13th Age has a reasonably simple method for calculating an encounter’s […]

Resources for Owl Hoot Trail

Handouts Matthew Breen has designed a lovely one-page character sheet for Owl Hoot Trail – download it here. Download the two-page extended character sheet from the rulebook here. Download the three Perdition map handouts from the rulebook here. Adventures The Box is a one-shot adventure by Clinton Dreisbach – read it here. Articles and Resources Kevin […]

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