Trail of Cthulhu Redesigned Character Sheets

The very talented Tony Williams has redesigned the Trail of Cthulhu character sheet and the Keeper’s Investigator Ability Matrix. In his words,

“In redesigning them I tried to retain the look and flavour of the official sheet but make them clearer and try and get all the crunchy and most referenced info onto the front of the sheet.

There are two sizes of PDF – A4 and US Letter – and a “purist” version with “Sources of Stability” removed.

Also attached is a redesigned ‘Keeper’s Investigator Ability Matrix’.
The primary attributes of Stability, Health and Sanity and Drive I have moved to the top in their own section and then the rest of the abilities are listed alphabetically which I find easier to use in play when Keeping. There is space to mark the starting rating level in each attribute and then mark off spent points in a separate box. Also you can follow 4 characters per page instead of 3 as in the “official” matrix.”

You can download Tony’s versions here.


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