Adding the Escalation Die to Roll20

PublicOpinion posted this on the Something Awful 13th Age forum. Quite useful.

After messing around in Roll20, I found a way to automatically include the current escalation die value in the relevant macros:

Roll20 13A how to 1

First, you create an “Escalation Die” character on the Journals tab.

Roll20 13A how to 2

This step doesn’t matter, but its name should be something you aren’t likely to misspell.

Roll20 13A how to 3

You can add custom attributes to characters, so I give the EDie a “Value” attribute that goes up to 6 and starts at 0.

Roll20 13A how to 4

Then I make a token, and set that to represent the EDie. When a token is representing a character, you can set the bars to represent an arbitrary attribute so now people can just look at the EDie token to see where the battle is at, and it’s really easy to change the value. But that’s not all!

Roll20 13A how to 5

So we go to the option tab and add a “Melee” macro.

Roll20 13A how to 6

While you can make character specific macros, those can only reference attributes from the character they’re assigned to. It would be simpler overall to just set everything besides the Escalation Die to a constant number, but I wanted to see what the syntax could do so everything in the attack expression is pulled from Killbot’s character sheet. You can make the damage die generic as well, as (@{Killbot|Level})d(@{Killbot|Weapon_die})+@{Killbot|STR}.

Roll20 13A how to 7

And with the Escalation Die at 0, Killbot having a 0 STR mod, and being level 1, this is what that macro spits out. I can edit the EDie’s Value directly on its token and everyone’s macros would automatically update.

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