Printers, editors, and rogues

Cover_500pxWe sent the 13th Age manuscript to the printer last week. It’s a good feeling.

The book looks great. I think you’ll be able to see the quality of Chris Huth’s final layout work for yourself.

The magnificent editing job performed by Cal Moore is probably harder to see. Cal spotted innumerable problems and knew exactly which problems were his to solve and which problems were for the designers. We had fun finishing this book. We’ll do it again. For other books, I mean, we’ve done this one enough.

One funny aspect of taking a long time to finish a project is that your editor has time to look at things carefully and realize what’s missing. Cal’s advocacy got many small touches added or fixed at the last minute. A couple weeks ago, Cal wrote and said “There really should be more 7th and 9th level rogue powers.”  I’d made up four new powers before I slowed down and realized that the answer had to be no, the time was past. Rob Watkins, the developer, was not going to thank me for slipping powers past him in the shadows of the final days. Chris had already laid out the feats list and new feats would mess it up. Cal and I were busy already. It was too late. Pencils down.

So we talked it over and got to laugh at ourselves about finally really going pencils down. And within a week Simon had suggested that we put the Chapter 10 adventure, Blood and Lightning, back into the book because we had the space. Ah. Good idea. Pencils up! We avoided all changes that weren’t corrections.

So I took the new rogue powers I’d written and slotted them towards 13 True Ways. And as a small tip of the dagger to Cal, who has given me a convincing list of small things I need to improve for the existing classes in 13 True Ways, here are a couple of the 7th level rogue powers that just didn’t get into 13th Age, can now be playtested, and will at least influence 13 True Ways even if they don’t actually make the cut, since one of them is pretty corner-case. If you play with them and have comments, email us at

Happily yours, Rob Heinsoo


7th Level Rogue Powers


Nobody’s Fool (for long)

Melee attack


Special: This attack can only be used in place of a basic attack when you are confused and are therefore forced to attack one of your allies.

Target: One of your usual allies

Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC

Natural even hit or miss: Your attack against your ally misses, and deals no damage. The confusion effect you are suffering from ends and you finish your turn normally.

Natural odd hit: Half of WEAPON + Dexterity damage.

Miss: No effect.

Epic Feat: When you roll a natural even hit or miss with the attack, you also gain another standard action this turn.


Resistance is Delicious

Melee attack


Target: One enemy

Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC

Hit: Weapon + Dexterity damage, and ignore any resistance the target has to your attack.

Miss: Damage equal to your level.

Epic Feat: The next ally who attacks the target also ignores its resistance.

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