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Page XX logoYou may have noticed that we’re running a bit late with ENnie-nominated Page XX this month – a quick look at the new releases on the shop will explain why – we’ve been working hard to get all our new products off to the printers before GenCon – more than ever before.

Read about Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents themed dice bags in All Rolled Up, Ken suggest 13 Mythos icons, Kevin Kulp explains a bit about where Owl Hoot Trail came from and read our plans for GenCon.

And to celebrate the release of 13th Age, we’ve packed this issue out with new races, monsters and classes from 13th Age experts ASH Law and Wade Rockett, along with Ryven Cedrylle and Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa, while Simon looks Through the Scrying Glass to reveal what’s coming up.

And rounding it out, there’s Simon’s View from the Pelgrane’s Nest, a word from Robin D. Laws, as well as details of the latest Pelgrane games – and an Ashen Stars character generator – available for playtesting.

New Releases

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  • Hillfolk – featuring Robin D. Laws’ brand new DramaSystem
  • Blood on the Snow – a companion to Hillfolk, as demanded by the Kickstarter backers
  • Owl Hoot Trail – a rules-light, Western-heavy fantasy game
  • The Final Revelation – the collected Purist adventures by Graham Walmsley, with a framing scenario by Scott Dorward
  • Double Tap – an expansion book for Night’s Black Agents
  • The Justice Trade – a collection of adventures for Ashen Stars
  • Ken Writes About Stuff – subscribe now to 12 issues of Ken Hite-ly goodness.
  • Die Glocke – The latest in the new subscription line Ken Writes About Stuff by Kenneth Hite, now with new improved footnotes.


13th Age

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