Current 13 True Ways Work (Drakkenhall, Dragons, and Druids)

by Rob Heinsoo

Silver Dragon 13 True WaysJonathan and I have moved into a new work phase on 13 True Ways, meeting every afternoon in my garage studio. Long periods of separate work punctuated by discussion. Yesterday Jonathan finished up a big section on icon relations in Drakkenhall and moved on to monster design. Our debate on metallic dragons roamed over the history of D&D and eventually clambered onto our standard 13th-Agey approach of handling the familiar with twists that suit us. We’re more or less agreed, but expect designer sidebars in that section.

That monster tile? That’s the silver dragon tile by 13 True Ways artist Lee Moyer. See the Great Gold Wyrm tile in the core book for the ur-tile that set the pattern for the silver.

Meanwhile I finished a draft of the commander class that’s ready for internal playtesting but I’m not going to say more about it than I said in yesterday’s post until I’m happy with the tests. I’ve moved on to the druid, which somehow immediately generated new insights on handling multiclassing and racial feats, so yeah, enough of the blogging, back to the big picture druid mechanics and the new category of feats that turned out to be hidden in the underbrush surrounding the druid’s woods.

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