The GUMSHOE System Reference Document

Gumshoe LogoAs a result of the Hillfolk Kickstarter, the GUMSHOE is now available under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported License.

The document is a reference for game designers, and is not tuned to teach the game, or provide a playable game experience.

If you’re looking for a playable game, seek out such Pelgrane Press titles as The Esoterrorists, Trail of Cthulhu, Ashen Stars, Night’s Black Agents, Mutant City Blues, TimeWatch or Fear Itself. Or watch for games the users of this license will build with it.

Version History

Version 2, released 20th July 2017, includes TimeWatch content added by Kevin Kulp, which appears as a result of a TimeWatch Kickstarter stretch goal.

  • Download the CC version 2 as a Word document here.
  • Download the CC version 2 as a PDF here.
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