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A new year and a new See Page XX to go with it. We’re doing our bit to help make this being the best ever new year with a selection of fantastic new products, including two new Stone Skin Press books, Vancian sci-fi game The Gaean Reach, as well as the latest edition of KWAS (a GUMSHOE: Zoom about mind control) and the latest Series Pitch of the Month. You might also have noticed Kevin Kulp’s TimeWatch Kickstarter is now live and rocketing through its stretch goals – go pledge if you haven’t already, and if you have, tell your friends!

Juicy articles this month include a 13 True Ways update by Rob Heinsoo; 13th Age character classes from Christopher J. Ferguson and Casey Peavler; a 1st Age Cleric class by Mark Craddock; a new 13th Age monster by Ryven Cedrylle, inspired by the forthcoming 13th Age Bestiary; the advantages of strongholds in 13th Age, by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan; and an expansion of the “Dicey Moves” section of the 13th Age rulebook by Brian Slaby. Simon’s written ALL the things this month, too, including an examination of 13th Age compared to Trail of Cthulhu from the Pelgrane perspective, and a look back at 2013, our most successful year to date,  as well as his usual View from the Pelgrane’s Nest. And to finish us off, check out the scenarios available for playtesting this month, Kenneth Hite’s Call of Chicago, and Robin D. Laws’ rather topical article about time travel in other GUMSHOE settings.


New Releases

  • Schemers, a Stone Skin Press fiction anthology about Machiavellian maneuvering and grand schemes
  • The New Gothic, a Stone Skin Press fiction anthology reclaiming the Gothic tradition from vegetarian vampires and friendly ghosts
  • The Gaean Reach, a new RPG based on the science-fiction works of Dying Earth author Jack Vance featuring a GUMSHOE-meets-Skulduggery system
  • GUMSHOE Zoom – Mind Control – You want to buy Ken’s writing about stuff. And pledge to our Kickstarter.
  • Series Pitch of the Month – This month’s edition is Hold the Chain, by Matthew McFarland


13th Age

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