Take $5 off the Midgard Bestiary at Kobold Press

Kobold Press' mascot JiroFrom now through April 1, you can take $5 off the Midgard Bestiary, 13th Age Compatible Edition at the Kobold Store with the promo code P3LGR4N3. (You can actually use it for any Kobold Press product with a minimum $5 purchase.)

It’s a fine complement to our own 13th Age Bestiary, with monsters from the Midgard Campaign Setting including dire weasels, exiled elves, mad wizards and more – plus 9 monstrous PC races and 13 icons of Midgard.

If you want to learn more, check out ASH LAW’s article in See Page XX.

“The Midgard Bestiary combines Kobold Press’s dedication to quality and originality with ASH LAWS’ enthusiastic and accomplished take on the 13th Age to serve you a gallimaufry of ghouls and golems.” – Simon Rogers

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