The Dungeon of Dragons



At the beginning of April 2014 I had my first development meeting with Rob Heinsoo for Shards of the Broken Sky. The book stood at 66,000 words, and it was a good point to stop and discuss things before I wrote more. Most of the book will probably stand as-is, but some bits definitely needed to be changed. Remove kobolds from here, add a sidebar there, that sort of thing.

One of the big things that needed revision was a dungeon themed around the lost tomb of the First Emperor, and after much discussion one part of the dungeon got jettisoned. The reason it got cut was that while awesome we couldn’t see a way to fit it thematically into the revised imperial tomb as a level of the dungeon. It was still cool as a dungeon, and frankly I don’t see enough Anglo-Saxon dragon-riddle dungeons. Rather than let it go to waste we talked about giving it to GMs through See Page XX, so here it is.

Rob says: “It’s a very odd dungeon, given that you will fight under your level, and then up to your level. Unless you are epic tier you are eventually supposed to run away, not a message that heroes find easy, but this will teach them.”

ASH says: “… Unless you are good at riddles and can trick your way past dragons.”

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