More Cthulhu than a human mind can bear…

[Ed: In short, get a huge collection of Trail goodness for $8.95, and an even huger one for a few dollars more over at Bundle of Holding,]

Notwithstanding the deep things I saw and heard, and the admitted vividness of the impression produced on me by these things, I cannot prove even now whether I am right or wrong in my hideous inference.

But if you dare enter the nighted and Stygian precincts of the Bundle of Holding you may see for yourself, before the sheer dizzying insanity of it strikes the memory from your mind and the order from your wits. After all, why would Trail of Cthulhu (my GUMSHOE system adaptation of Sandy Petersen’s brilliant Call of Cthulhu) be on sale, even in quasi-hyper-spatial PDF form, for a mere $8.95?

Surely the hints of a Keeper’s Resource Book and Screen (by Simon Carryer) and Stunning Eldritch Tales (by that Nug to my Yeb +Robin Laws) accompanying that purchase are but feeble attempts of the deliquescing mind to provide semblance and shape to the crepuscular echoes of that blasphemous PDF? And what of the still more disturbing rumors, that should you delve deeper still and cross the withered and noxious hand of Allen Varney with a further $13 or so you will be vouchsafed a stark and nightmarish glimpse of my own Bookhounds of London campaign frame, plus the libel against all reality that is Paula Dempsey’s Book of the Smoke and the disordered fragments of The Armitage Files (again by Robin — by Zhar, the Twin Obscenity, it is he!) … what of those rumors? What of them? Indeed, further fell shapes press against the rims of our weak and petty cosmos, but I cannot look — I must not say — it stretches out from the Black River of Tond and grasps … it grasps!!

Also, you’ll be backing cancer and heart-disease research, which is darned decent of you.

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